About Ellie

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Welcome to my website I hope you find something you are interested in. My name is Ellie Kerr (Ellie is the name everyone calls me but my proper name is Ellen – I answer to both and anything else in between) Ever the optimist … with a realist streak - I have a glass half full disposition, love to have fun and make a difference to whatever situation I find myself in. I like interacting with people and I am a “people magnet”. I love to speak with them, hear how they are, what they are doing.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to build an award winning portfolio of experience and wide ranging skills to help businesses thrive and survive. I am like an octopus with wide ranging skill set in all areas of business. I am told, I have a natural wit, coupled with honesty and straight talking approach that enables me to cut through situations and help businesses with find the correct business solutions. I have improved businesses across Merseyside but my passion helping women. I am best known as a supporter of the women’s enterprise agenda and I am actively involved in promoting women's business and leadership

My business career started properly when I went to Business Link for 2 weeks as a temp and 18 years later I was still there! Working my way though various departments, this enabled me to have exposure to such a wide range of skills and amass a extremely wide network of contacts. I have been so fortunate over the years to have met the most amazing and generous people. These are the people that have given me their time, knowledge, advice, money, expertise and sometimes a kick, believed in me and whatever I am involved with.

I do however, have a bad habit … I am very nosey and this usually ends up getting me involved in someway and I like to try leave a person or situation in a better state than before I arrived.

My varied career in the business sector as an office junior and I have worked her way up and gained a wealth of business acumen at all levels. I find my self in constant demand and I am frequently asked to give my expertise to a number of high profile events that have put the Liverpool City Region front and centre of business and entrepreneurship.

I have been pivotal to the success of some of the largest business and events for women on Merseyside. The prestigious Merseyside Women of the Year which is an event each year raises monies for Charity and has provided funding for final year students to complete their studies. I am so proud to be one of the custodians of this event that makes such a huge difference to women and their families

Why do I do it !

I love making a difference and am passionate about people. My exceptional people skills helps bring the various elements together and enables a clarity of delivery. With a friendly persona I break down barriers and get projects moving. I have rescued events that were going nowhere until I got involved. I breakdown the project and bring in processes to enable a clearer picture of what is needed to make the project achievable. I cut through jargon and keep it simple.

What do I do !

I take time and listen to what your business requirements are and then work closely with you to decide the next steps.