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Welcome to my website I hope you find something you are interested in. My name is Ellie Kerr (Ellie is the name everyone calls me but my proper name is Ellen – I answer to both and anything else in between) Ever the optimist … with a realist streak - I have a glass half full disposition, love to have fun and make a difference to whatever situation I find myself in. I like interacting with people and I am a “people magnet”. I love to speak with them, hear how they are, what they are doing.

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Business Event Management

I have a wide ranging expertise in this area. I am responsible for delivery of some of the highest profile business events in the region such Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) Your Big Year (Merit), Inbound Marketing UK Conference, Merseyside Women of the Year, various women’s workshops and conferences.

Project Management

This is an area where communication is everything. I have a laser eye for detail as this is where the Devil lies. I keep it simple and work with Teams to enable a clear flow of information.

Business Improvement

I listen and watch how the process flows and then recommend solutions that make a difference to the people and the bottom line. It can be from how the company communicates both internally and externally to looking at diversification into new markets.

Interim HR

Motivating Teams and helping them realise how they are can massively influence the business. Helping Teams to find their inter-prenuerial potential is the key and how they fit into the bigger business picture. Good leadership skills at all levels and a collaborative approach drives up production to ultimately sustain profit.


I have been the MC at various events which I have ensured smooth running and keeping on time. By bringing a sense of humour to the proceedings it makes everyone feel welcome from the start. I am often asked to be a Speaker at events on various business topics and have also run workshops covering the various roles I have undertaken in my career.

Blogger / Copy Writer

There has always been a joke whenever I get involved with a company about my red pen and how much it will be missed! My eye for detail enables me to check communications both external and internal and “Ellie-tise” it if needed. I have written various reports, newsletters and information productions where the message needs to be clear, concise and understood.

Non Executive Director

I bring an exceptional level of skills, reality and contacts to Boards.

Case Studies

Project manage of one of the biggest events for women on Merseyside for the last 6 years. 25 finalists and 430 attendees with responsibility for sponsorship, ticket sales and everything to ensure a professional and smooth running event

Merseyside Women of the Year

Project management of ticket strategy, part of the largest business conference in the world IFB2016 with 5 keynote speakers, 2 learning sessions, 850 people


Project management of all detail of 2 events. 200+ and 400+ attendees aspects, tickets sales, promotion, content dealing with speakers, social media strategy, sponsorship – key note speaker Gary Vanerchuck www.inbounduk.org


Project management of tickets strategy, promotion and content 3000+ attendees – keynote speaker Richard Branson

Global Entrepreneurship Congress

Come to the edge!

“Come to the edge! We might fall. Come to the edge! It's too high! COME TO THE EDGE! And they came He pushed… And they flew.” by Christopher Logue I love this poem as is it resonates with me so much. It makes me think of the times throughout my life when I have been scared to do something different to step out of my safe, comfy cosy place. 

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